Scarecrow competition winners 2018

As part of this years Hockwold Country Fair we invited the village to get creative and make a ‘sport themed’ scarecrow. This was very kindly sponsored by Hockwold Hall who provided cash prizes for all our winners and did a fantastic job finding out the reasons behind their creations. We would like to say a big thank you to Hockwold Hall and all those villagers who took part in the competition.

We had 8 entries in total and are delighted to announce the 2018 winner is Betty Golding with the triathlon. In 2nd place was The Iron Lady – “Extreme Ironing” and in 3rd place was the Outdoor Gym.

Here’s some photos and judges comments to enjoy:

Triathlon by Betty Golding (winner)

Story inspired by her son who recently trained and completed a triathlon. She spent a long time on her presentation and built 4 scarecrows on her own, terrific attention to detail including various athletes, various sports and even an official marshall. (Hockwold Hall)

The Iron Lady – “Extreme Ironing” (2nd place)











A real extreme sport in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. Very clever take on the sports theme, built on top of a garage making it more ‘extreme’ of a location and great attention to detail with many props, scarecrow looked great, and created a giant bespoke newspaper poster for the scarecrow. (Hockwold Hall)

Outdoor Gym (3rd place)








Playful set up with 2 scarecrows and various gym equipment, lovely touch with bespoke  t – shirts of Hockwold Cum Wilton made for each ‘gym going’ scarecrow.           (Hockwold Hall)